To obtain a Demolition Permit please complete the following:

1.  Complete Building Permit Application.

2. All structures must be tested for asbestos prior to demolition.

  • If asbestos materials are NOT found, you must provide written documentation from the asbestos testing company verifying asbestos was not found.
  • If asbestos materials are found, they must be removed in accordance with the Asbestos Abatement Licensing Rule West Virginia Legislative Rules Division of Health Title 64 Series 63 1998
  • Additional information about asbestos testing and removal can be found by calling WVDHHR Bureau for Public Health Office of Environmental Health Services at: 304.558.2981.
  • Written documentation regarding the removal and disposal of the material will need to be submitted to the Inspections and Permits Division.

3. Additional permits/documentation may be required.

  • Removal of asbestos material requires a permit from the City of Huntington Inspections and Permits Division.
  • Road closure permit
  • Traffic Study 

4.  Contact the Plumbing Inspector for inspection of the property.  The inspection will determine the necessary requirements to complete the demolition.

5. Verification that all utilities have been disconnected.

6. Verification of insurance.

7. Cost of the Demolition Permit:

  • Residential Demolition Permit is $150.00
  • Commercial Demolition Permit is $150.00 plus 5 cents per square foot.

8. Complete and submit the necessary documentation to: