Contractor and Subcontractor

The City of Huntington requires all persons desiring to perform contracting work within city limits to be licensed with the City of Huntington to ensure capable and skilled craftsmanship utilized in construction projects in this state, both public and private, and fair bidding practices between competing contractors through uniform compliance with the laws of this city and state, and protection of the public from unfair, unsafe and unscrupulous bidding and construction practices. For more information on Contractor Licensing, visit Article 752, or for more information on the official building code, visit Article 1711 in the City of Huntington's Code of Ordinances. 


City of Huntington: Contractor Packet (The Contractor Packet includes Contractor and Subcontractor Requirements, City of Huntington Business License Information & Application, Permitting Contract Policy, Building Permit Application, Subcontractor List, Application Fee schedule, and Request for Release)

City of Huntington: Request for Release

City of Huntington: Building Permit Application

City of Huntington: Subcontractor List


City of Huntington: Boundary Map  (The City of Huntington Boundary Map allows you to enter an address on the top left-hand search bar and see if the address is within city limits. If the address comes up green then it is within city limits)

City of Huntington: Building Permit Fee Schedule

City of Huntington: Current Codes are  IBC 2018, IPC 2018, NEC 2020, and Fire and Life Safety NFPA1-21 ed


1) All General Contractors and Subcontractors will need to obtain a Huntington Business License before conducting business within the city limits.

  • The Business License is $20.00 per fiscal year (July 1 to June 30).

2) You will need to provide the following documentation when applying for a business license:

    a. A copy of your West Virginia Contractor’s License from the WV Division of Labor (if applicable).

     b. A copy of your Certificate of Liability Insurance.

  • Provide documentation showing the General Liability is at least $300,000/$600,000.
  • The City needs to be listed as the Certificate Holder. Please include our mailing address: P.O. Box 1659 Huntington, WV 25717.

      c. A copy of your WV Business Registration Certificate from the West Virginia State Tax Department.  

3) A copy of the official contract between the General Contractor and the person initiating the project must be provided with your building permit application.

4) General Contractors will need to provide a list of Subcontractors with their contact information when applying for a permit.

      a. General Contractors are liable for Business and Occupation Taxes that have not been filed by their Subcontractors.

5) All Contractors and Subcontractors will need to file Business and Occupation (B&O) Taxes

      a. Business and Occupation Tax is 2% of the gross receipts on labor and materials.

      b. You will need to list your Project Name, Location, and Gross Income on the back of the return (Schedule C).

  • Completing the form will ensure the General Contractor will receive the B&O Tax Releases in a timely fashion.
  • Make sure to indicate on the form if there is no reportable activity during the filing period and return by the due date to avoid unnecessary delinquent notices.

6) City Service Fee (CSF) will need to be withheld from employees' paychecks.

       a. The fee is $5.00 per week for every week worked inside city limits.

      b. CSF is required to be collected for each employee for every week that the employee has worked inside city limits regardless of the amount of time worked each week.

7) Effective January 1, 2012, WV Sales and Use Tax increased from 6% to 7% inside city limits.

       a. For more information, contact the West Virginia State Tax Department at 800-982-8297. 

8) General Contractors must submit a Request for Release for each Subcontractor once the project has been completed. 

State Information 

West Virginia State Tax Department: 800-982-8297

West Virginia Divison of Labor: 304-558-7890

West Virginia Division of Labor: A Step-by-Step Guide for obtaining a Contractor License

West Virginia Division of Labor: Statutes & Rules and Forms

West Virginia State Tax Department: West Virginia New Business Registration Application

Office of the West Virginia Attorney General: A Consumer's Guide to Hiring Contractors for Home Repairs